Cyclists chased by an ostrich in Africa

ViralHogPublished: March 5, 2016Updated: March 6, 201629,675 viewsVirality: 3%
Published: March 5, 2016Updated: March 6, 2016

Occurrence Date: March 5, 2016

Location: Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Info From Licensor: "We were on our training ride, around Cape Town, South Africa. The route was following the Cape Argus racing course with a detour to Cape of Good Hope (I love the name!) The road through the national park is quite and a little deserted. Suddenly I heard a noise on my left and saw a big ostrich in the bush, most likely a female. In a second her friend jumped from the left a started chasing my friends! I was following behind almost falling of my bike from laughter. The creature had no problem to keep up at 50km/h! Luckily I left us alone because we were about to run out of the road, at it is a dead end at the Cape of Good Hope." - Oleksiy Mishchenko

Credit (If Applicable): Oleksiy Mishchenko /

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