Bill Clinton Appearance Locking A Voting Poll!!!

ViralHogPublished: March 2, 2016Updated: March 3, 20165 views
Published: March 2, 2016Updated: March 3, 2016

Info From Licensor: "I was bring my 93 year old Step Dad to the polls to vote. I had heard that Bill Clinton was appearing at Buttonwood Park but it wasn't until I picked my Dad up that I realized Clinton was actually appearing AT the voting poll. My dad refused to go because he knew it would be a mob scene so I went to look and see how hectic it would be to get into his precinct.

I arrived approx. 11:15 and my dad was correct.... it was a mob scene! There was no way I could have parked in the handicap parking or even get my car near the polls building for my dad to be able to walk in. Sure if you were young or were capable of walking a distance due to the cars lining all the near by streets, you could push thru the crowds to get into the polls but it was unlikely many would be willing to do that.

They scheduled the event at 12:00 lunchtime when the voting would be high (people voting during work lunch break) so that effected the voting that much more and Clinton was 2 hours late. The security made demonstrators move very far away from the building although a woman with a Hillary shirt was allowed to walk up and down the street where the area had been roped off (video).

I took the video because I was so disgusted at the Clinton's and the New Bedford Mayor Mitchell for allowing a voting poll to be hijacked by the Clinton's campaign. The Mayor was having the people chant Hillary! (video). Previous to taking the video I did not see anyone try to walk into vote however after I took this video I did see two people who may have been husband and wife go in the building to vote.

I later found out that the Ma Voting Polls Law is you must stay 150' away to campaign near a poll. I was literally at the entrance of the walkway to the poll and Bill Clinton was less than 20' away from me so they definitely broke the law by campaigning within 150' of a voting poll."
Location: Buttonwood Park Warming House Voter Poll Oneida Street, New Bedford, MA, USA
Occurrence Date: March 1, 2016

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