Pregnant Woman Films Her Baby Dancing Inside Her Belly

OlgaPublished: March 3, 2016Updated: March 4, 2016487,303 views
Published: March 3, 2016Updated: March 4, 2016

Women get so happy and pleased when they find out that they are pregnant. Their bodies change and as the nine months pass by the excitement gets bigger and bigger. As the child grows in mothers womb, it has a tendency to become more dynamic after the 16th week of pregnancy. Have you ever touched a pregnant woman’s belly while the infant kicks?

This mother filmed her belly during her ninth month of pregnancy in order to show everyone how her unborn child is moving around in her belly. Her swollen belly moves and stretches as the <a href="" target="_blank">baby turns</a> from side to side. We can’t even imagine how that must feel for the mother. The lady stays completely still and quiet during the whole video. We are sure that this wasn't the first time that her child was so dynamic. It looked like the kid is showing some kind of dance moves inside the womb.

Experts say that babies usually start to move when their mother tries to take rest and they tend to be active from 9 PM until 1 AM. The unknown mother videoed her <a href="" target="_blank">baby bump</a> which started moving in a similar fashion to John Hurt in Alien. A whole 2 minutes of moving and kicking passes by and the mother doesn’t move at all. How cool is that right?

This mother is nearly to her due date to give birth and it appears that her daughter is ready to join the world. This is definitely a memorable family moment! Make sure to check it out!

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    Margaritagurl47 · 1 year ago

    I remember when my daughters did this. COOLEST feeling ever.

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    warriorbride · 1 year ago

    He says I am READY TO COME OUT NOW !!!! LOL