Assistant Vet Comforts Rescued Pit Bull After Surgery

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Published: March 3, 2016Updated: March 4, 2016

Now this is one of those moments that will absolutely melt your heart! Watch as surgical assistant Dennis Moses caringly cradles a rescued Pit Bull after the adorable puppy was spayed at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. What a precious moment!

The confused pupper wasn't quite sure what had happened to him, but the reassuring touch from the assistant vet helped him calm down after the surgery. Now he is going to be able to enjoy life without any cares.

Spaying and neutering pets is a very important responsibility of every pet owner that doesn't want to breed their pet. It costs far less than caring for a whole litter, but also it diminishes the chances that the offspring would be tossed on the streets. Let's be real, there are way too many people that still do horrendous things like that.

By doing this, you directly help in the control of pet homelessness crisis which leaves millions healthy dogs and cats in the hands of high-kill shelters, just waiting to be euthanized because there aren't enough homes to go around. Not to mention there are also medical and behavioral benefits that this procedure enables.

Credit to 'Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter'.

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    Annemie ยท 1 year ago

    I am so happy the little pup is getting some love. Love is healing.