Check Out This Easy Peasy Recipe For Soft Pretzel Bites

Published March 3, 2016 54,557 Views

Rumble / Delicious RecipesThere’s nothing like warm soft pretzel bites, especially when they’re dipped in a nice hot cheesy dip or hot mustard dip. So I was over the moon when I found out you can easily make these at home with just a handful of ingredients. All you'll need to make this fantastic dish is some dinner roll dough, 9 cups of water, 1/2 cup of baking soda, egg wash and coarse salt. After some time in the oven and some boiling, you will have the perfect batch of pretzel bites that will be a hit at any dinner party that you might go to. Try it out for yourself!

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Do you love baking? Then you might as well try out this simple and delicious recipe! Let us know how your batch turned out in the comment section!

Check out this delicious pretzel recipe.

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