Guy 'Charms’ Girlfriend With Constant Puns At Disneyland

Published March 3, 2016 4,512 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdTyler Schnabel’s girlfriend Diana really wanted to go to Disneyland and it seems her wish finally came true. But it wasn’t Tyler’s idea of fun, so he had to balance things out by doing what he knows best.

Tyler didn’t want his girlfriend’s enjoy to take away from his own, so he used the name of every possible ride and attraction in the park in a myriad of <a href="" target="_blank">puns</a>!

“Diana, no one ‘cars’ about this ride."

“Oh, Diana, my friend ‘Hollywood’ love this ride"

“Hey, Diana, I think ‘wheel’ have fun on this one"

Sure, he starts off fresh and entertaining and Diana looks like she’s having fun with them. But maybe she gave him a little bit too much encouragement, because his <a href="" target="_blank">puns</a> get more and more annoying after this.

“Hey Diana, it’s pretty high up ‘pier’"

“Diana, I’m feeling a little ‘horse’." Seriously, dude?

When he says “I’m here for the ‘boos"" is when it becomes evident for everyone how annoyed Diana is. Sure, Tyler tries to make the trip worth his while, but come on, man! Let the girl enjoy her day in the happiest place on Earth!

Even as they are walking towards their car, after a long day of fun, he tries to ‘charm’ her one more time. He says: “You have ‘Mickey’s’", and we can literally hear her rolling her eyes.

Better luck next time, man!