Pit Bull Shares Giggly Smooch Session With Little Girl

Published March 2, 2016 109,621 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsWhen we see animals with a deformity of any kind running around, playing and loving without a care in the world, it really makes us stop and think about our ways. This handsome fella, appropriately named Clark Kent, was dropped off at the Manhattan Animal Care Center by his former family. He has bone masses all over his face and when Kylie Edmond found him, he was suffering from kennel cough. That still did not stop the Pit Bull from wagging his tail and giving kisses all around. So when Kylie learned that CK was put on the euthanasia list, she saved his life.

CK is only 10 months old and had beat death twice! When Kylie brought him to the Animal Medical Center of NYC, she learned that Clark had double pneumonia. He may have struggled to breathe, but his tail showed a pleasant demeanor to the unusual pup, no matter how sick he was.

Showered with love and affection, Clark Kent grew stronger and healthier with each passing day and became even more devoted to those who showed him affection. He is currently looking for a forever family near his vet in Manhattan, where he will be neutered and his masses will be diagnosed and treated. Until then, he is happy sharing kisses with his foster family’s three-year-old daughter, showing how soft and warm-hearted a gentleman he is.

Kylie sees a potential therapy dog in Clark for kids with abnormal features. During his short stay with her, Clark Kent has taught his foster family that what is inside counts far more than what can be perceived outside.