DEERSaster in home

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Published: March 1, 2016

COPYRIGHT. Last May something happened in our home that was very difficult to grasp. As I was packing for vacation upstairs I was suddenly in sheer terror when I heard a large crash of glass and heard a stampede on the first floor. I immediately called the police and grabbed my husbands baseball bat while screaming "Get out of my house" at what I thought at the time was a group of men attempting to rob us. I soon saw neighbors gathering at our front window and soon realized that there were not men in our home. As I looked over the staircase I saw a large deer trying to get out of our sliding glass door. Hysterically I let the police know that it was in fact a deer. It was hurt and me being an animal lover- it broke my heart. Soon two brave officers came inside and tried to get the deer out. Being a wild animal you don't know what to expect. It ran trying to get out while running against the walls and destroying our entire first floor. Eventually the deer crashed out of our front window. The deer laid upright in our neighbors yard and was taken away by animal control. I was in complete shock with the entire situation and went through an unbelievable roller coaster of emotions with what I just experienced. Unfortunately I do not know if the deer survived. I called multiple local animal control centers without finding an answer that I still wish I knew to this day. It was assumed that the deer randomly got in our neighborhood and was trapped in between our house and fence. Kids were out of school at the time and it appears that the deer got spooked by the kids. It makes sense since the young boys in my neighborhood were the first to show up peering into our front window immediately after the deer got inside. The damage took months to repair. Overall cost of the damage..over $40,000. Thank God for State Farm Insurance; to all in the community and family/ friends that helped that day and the days to follow. They made this tragedy bearable. Praying for peace for the deer. ‹ see less

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