A Professional Excavates A Nest Of Wasps And All We Can Say Is 'Nope'

ViralHogPublished: February 13, 2016Updated: February 29, 20162,359 plays$5.79 earned
Published: February 13, 2016Updated: February 29, 2016

This terrifying footage shows the removal of a massive German Wasp nest. Landcare Research scientist Dr. Bob Brown can be seen calmly digging through the ground in Christchurch, New Zealand, and uncovering the hive, before planting venom.

It is the moment when thousands of worker wasps come pouring out of the dirt that makes the whole clip a scene from a psychological horror movie. You know, the ones that make you scratch your entire body and rustle your hair as you leave the theater, vowing never to go back again? Yah…

Dr. Brown says: "I am a research scientist studying potential biological controls of invasive social wasps in New Zealand. I decided to video my excavations of wasps nests this year as a way to qualify the differences in aggression between healthy nests and nests with an infestation of mites. The nest in the video was clearly healthy and very aggressive."

He is studying this new species of mites that take residence in wasp nests, hoping that they can be used in the future to control the rising number of these stingy buggers. All they do is buzz like crazy, thinking they own the place, and leave nothing in return. At least with bees we get honey!

Kids, do not try this at home! Don’t be like this guy, who tried to take down a hornets nest using brute force and a stick. He just forgot to leave his front door unlock, in case of emergency.

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