This Clever Kitty Loves To Eat Yogurt With A Spoon

Noriko Published February 29, 2016 5,397 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensCats are pretty amazing creatures. Although dogs are known for being more cheerful and carefree, cats are generally calmer and they seem to have a motive for every action they take. You may have heard that most cats are lactose intolerant, but the truth is that they love dairy products. Watch this smart cat eating a yogurt with a spoon! It’s Unbelievable!

Since cats are more complicated to be trained than dogs, it may seem to you like they are incapable of learning small tricks. Have you ever tried to train your kitty how to fetch? No result, a lost cause, right? However, cats are clever enough to learn things without the help of their owners.

This one particular cat learned how to feed himself like a human. Non-chan, the male cat enjoys his yogurt very much. So much in fact that he has learned how to use a spoon to scoop out those hard to reach places! The video starts off with Non-chan licking the cup, although it is a bit small for his face to fit into it. That’s when he decides to grab the spoon and dig inside the yogurt cup! He actually holds the spoon as a human would!

How incredible is that, right? Even though his attempt was unsuccessful, the skill this white cat has shown was pretty impressive. Check out the entire clip of this intelligent kitty fumbling while trying to use a blue colored spoon. Cat lovers will enjoy this amazingly skilled feline.