Motorbike Crash - Biker Rear Ends Car

ViralHogPublished: February 26, 2016Updated: February 28, 201640 plays$0.04 earned
Published: February 26, 2016Updated: February 28, 2016

Info From Licensor: "I was driving along the dual carriage way that is on a slight incline. The further that I went up the dual carriage way, the harder it became to see; until it almost totally blinded me. At that point, I let off my accelerator to slow down, with the intentions of pulling into the hard shoulder further up the road. Before I knew it, I had rear ended a car that was travelling extremely slow for no apparent reason (Witnesses confirmed there was no traffic in front of him, driver confirmed that he was able to see.)

I flipped over the handle bars and the bike flipped with me; breaking my laptop, phone and the bike in one swift process. I managed to crawl out of the incident with only minor bruising and a sore back.

Maximum speed at any point in time: 57 MPH indicated
Speed at point of collision: 46MPH indicated
Road Speed Limit: 70 MPH"
Location: Risca, South Wales, UK
Occurrence Date: February 18, 2016

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