Paddle Boarding With A Friendly Pod Of Dolphins

Published February 26, 2016 38,022 Plays

Rumble / Ocean LifeLet’s face it, there is nothing more adorable than a baby animal. We might pretend all we want, but we all melt into puddles of goo whenever we see a tiny babe near us. We don’t know what it is, but it might be their innocence that gets to us every time. Seeing their megawatt smiles can wrap us around their itty-bitty fingers, and that’s it for us. They are the epitome of innocence and adorableness and they can definitely brighten up our day. It appears that even other animals aren’t immune to their cuteness. We’ve seen many examples of momma dogs loving on little kittens and even momma cats huddling newborn puppers. It seems that whenever we see a baby, all of our parent instincts kick in and we want to make them be as comfortable and as pampered as possible. It doesn’t even matter which species they belong to. Doesn’t matter if they are domesticated or not. Little baby animals are too precious not to love and these curious youngsters in the video are definitely there to prove us right.

One paddle boarder captured this incredible group of dolphins footage from his paddle board using a GoPro camera. The amazingly close encounter occurred when this guy was just out for some relaxing time off. Considered the sea's most kind and human friendly animal, dolphins are also extremely intelligent and talented. They love to show off their skills and that is precisely what these little ones were doing..

What an insane moment to capture on video! You can only imagine what was going through this paddle boarder's head. Mind you, dolphins pose no real threat to any human, but their size is definitely intimidating! Imagine if you saw these dolphins while on the same trip. Would you turn around and head back into the opposite direction, or would you try and observe this beautiful mammal?

It's truly an amazing experience to witness something that you would otherwise never see while you are exploring the open sea. People often fear sea creatures even though they pose no real threat because of what is unknown. But nonetheless, this is still an insane video!

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Paddle boarder Rich German films an incredible moment when a curious and friendly pod of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins swim by his side in Laguna Beach, California. The baby dolphin steals the show!

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