A Startling Puppy Surprise That Will Lighten Up Your Day

Published February 23, 2016 4,500 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleThese lucky kids received a special surprise! Their parents had them close their eyes before they revealed their new family pet to them! Needless to say, the kids were ecstatic, but all that energy might have been a bit too much for this new addition to the family.


  • ItDoesntMatter, 4 years ago

    Yes. Lets put the puppy on a high object, then stand far enough back that you can't catch it in case of an accident, like this one. Then, surprise your son and TEEN DAUGHTERS, who I'm sure squeel often, like other teen girls. Loud THUMP right to the floor. And, the girls continue laughing. So, very, funny. Poor puppy. Ffs. Great video, guys.

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