Handicapped dogs unite through disability

8 years ago

Prepare for your hearts to melt as this video will surely warm you up. In this video we see two dogs going for a walk together. There is something special about this walk though. These two dogs named Holly and Susie are best friends who are enjoying their daily walk in Norma's Universe in Holland, working together in a very inspirational moment. This is a video that no one should miss. It truly offers an amazing moment that you will never forget!

Aren't these two dogs just adorable together? You cannot help but to tear up with joy as you see these two dogs enjoying their lives, despite their disabilities. They truly do set a great example for us to follow. Once you power through the difficult times in your life and don't let them keep you down, life tends to be pretty good! These two really do look like the best of friends!

These two really are inspirational. It even seemed like the owner was tearing up a bit because of the two being happy! These friends must do everything together, they walk together, sleep together, eat dog food together, they really are something.

Animals can be very inspiration to us humans and they often brighten up your day! These dogs won't let anything keep them down and neither should you!

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