Young Farmer Girl Helps Sheep Deliver Her Lamb

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Published: February 21, 2016

The miracle of child birth is one of life's greatest gifts. Even in the animal kingdom, it still something spectacular to look at. In this video, we watch a baby lamb get delivered on a farm. What is even more spectacular is the fact that this lamb was delivered by a three year old girl, with moms help of course! This little girl was a baby not too long ago herself and now she is already helping deliver animals! Talk about being ahead of your age! This is a video that no animal lover should ever miss! It is something spectacular!

Can you believe that this little girl did this? Most girls at her age are playing will dolls or other toys, but nope, she delivers a baby lamb! That is insane! She is doing something that most people cannot do and learning at such a young age about the miracle of life! This will be a moment that she will remember for the rest of her life!

Isn't this video something amazing? To see this little girl deliver a baby lamb at such a young age is really inspirational. Most people don't have baby lambs at home to care for but a lot do have babies or small children so they could always use some of the best baby products from Amazon to help them out!

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    Affectionate sheep demands attention from farmer

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    Phyllis is a two year old sheep who follows Gertrud around the farm, demanding attention every chance she gets. Whenever Gertrud sits down to take a break, Phyllis appears and nuzzles her affectionately, wanting to be petted. Phyllis was raised from a very young age at A farm in Keene, Ontario. She was bottle fed and treated more like a pet than a farm animal. She adores Gertrud and even tries to get into the house if the door is left open. Phyllis spends most of her time with the flock but runs right for Gertrud whenever she appears.

    Gertrud runs the farm, along with her son, Hamish. Known as Hamish's farm, it burned down in November 2016 in a tragic accident. They have rebuilt the house and are now working on the barn. Gertrud spent the winter in a trailer on the farm so she could care for the animals while they rebuilt.

    The animals seem to understand that they are like family and they respond to love and affection. Even Syd, the Cockatoo is part of the fun as he sits perched on her shoulder!