Precious Tap Dancing Girl Won't Give Up No Matter What

8 years ago

You know the old saying: "fall seven times, stand up eight"? It seems that tots live by this saying, making attempts at everything in their short lives and constantly failing until they get it just right. Walking, talking, eating on their own; we have all been through the stages of "DIY-ing" these activities, to the point where we were independent enough to do them on our own!

After the kids have learned how to walk, talk and almost dress themselves, parent send them to try out something new, like playing a sport or tap dancing. Now, games are hard by their right, but tap dancing has its own category on the scale of difficulty! And especially if you are a tiny toddler girl, like this persistent little lady, those tap dancing shoes can provide quite a challenge. But not to our heroine in this video!

Born 3 and a half months early at only 25 weeks, this little girl has already proven she's a fighter. Although she keeps slipping, she refuses to give up during her dance class. You will definitely admire her adorable fighting spirit!

She tries to keep up with the teacher and the other, bigger girls, but every time she taps her heels on the floor, her tiny legs slip, and she does the splits instead. No problem for this fiery spirit, she gets right back up and continues. So next time you want to give up on something because it feels tough, remember this little fighter!

This video should be a great lesson not only to kids but for parents too! You should always teach your kids not to give up, that they should always try harder if they want to succeed in life and that by working hard you will get to the goal you want to reach.

That’s how this girl has though us. Never give up on your dreams. Even if it comes to tap dancing, she may haven’t figured it out everything about it right now, but with her determination, we are sure that she will be the greatest tap dancer in the world! We believe in her 100%!

Dancing brings joy in life; it makes you feel better and makes you look better and at the end of the day fills you up with positive energy. We hope this incredible fighter with continue to dance and will make her dream come true to be the best tap dancer! What do you think? Will she make it?

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