Iguana Tail Slaps

Published February 18, 2016 5 Plays

Rumble Info From Licensor: "Despite being a very beautiful, peaceful animal, and therefore used as a pet, the iguanas like any other animal shows defensive behavior, which I show in the video. The video was recorded in Rio Grande do Norte in my own home. I live in a place, then it is common to some animals coming indoors. I was at home and the animal entered the kitchen at lunchtime and my hand asked me to get him out of there as soon as I went to the kitchen and got close, the animal has left alone and while he was walking towards a tree to climb I was following him and quickly the animals to walk and show me demonstrating defensive display, then I thought about doing the record and display. So to be disturbed the animal defended using the tail as it normally does, iguanas can bite too. Recalling that in doing so did not cause any damage to the animal as it goes through this kind of stress is daily hunting or being preyed upon. After shooting out closely for the animal could leave, what happened, and today he lives coming into my kitchen."