Bizarre Looking Monkey Slug Caterpillar Comes To Get You

Published February 15, 2016 220,136 Views $490.54 earned

What is this bizarre creature trying to look like? A woman found a strange creature in her home, but little did she know that it was just a Monkey Slug Caterpillar a.k.a. a Hag Moth Caterpillar (Phobetron pithecium).

With no legs and dozen waving tentacles, the thick mat of hair and ample sharp spines, gives the Monkey Slug a pretty distinctive look. This is one of the legless slug caterpillars, which in the end grow up to be moths.

When I first saw this creature, I thought I was looking at some mutant tarantula that had escaped straight from hell. These weird caterpillars are pretty distinctive; they have six hairy legs coming out from their fuzzy body. Their legs have been reduced to suction cups which allow this caterpillar to make slug-like movements.

Imagine the reaction of this woman when she found this creature in her home and didn't know what it was or what to do with it, so she took courage and decided to film it.

According to popular belief, the hairs on this caterpillar can sting you. Basically, you can look at the Monkey Slug and not touch it, which doesn't feel like that much of a challenge.

Often times when people find strange-looking creatures their first instinct is to get as far as possible from that being, or to simply film it (for the more courageous ones). There are many alien-looking creatures out there, have you got any story to share?

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