6 years ago

Meet The 'Pink Panther' Of The Dog World

Meet the Pink Panther of the dog world. Gohan the husky has quite the knack for sneaking around the house as silently as a mouse! And not only is the husky super silent as he sneaks up on his tasty treat, but he is also quite quick! So quick in fact, that if you'll miss him if you blink!

We see Gohan behind the corner, as his owner walks back slowly with Gohan’s bone in hand. The stealthy pooch is watching carefully from afar, as the owner puts significant distance between the dog and his favorite treat. Then, the human puts the bone down on the floor and hides himself behind another corner.

Now - DO. NOT. BLINK! Every second is important here! We don’t know how he does it, but the Husky is able to somehow glide on those floor tiles like a phantasm, not making even a tiniest noise! The camera keeps peeking from behind the corner every second, yet every time it does, we see the Husky creeping closer and closer to the bone! What?

For a moment there, it looks like the dog has disappeared into thin air? Where did he go? The camera hides and peeks out again, only to show Gohan sitting right there and staring you dead in the eye! Luckily for us, he didn’t come to haunt us, he just wants his treat.

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