Tiny Dog Uses Large Dog As Step Ladder To Aid Escape

AFVPublished: February 18, 201623,480 views
Published: February 18, 2016

You might consider dogs to be just silly animals, but they deserve more credit than they lead on! This video proves that dogs can be just as smart and resourceful as any other animal.

A tiny Chihuahua figures out an ingenious way to escape from the dog pen by using the large dog as a step ladder! Talk about brain winning over brawn!

The trio of heroes in this clip seems to be kept behind a doggy gate. The Labrador doesn’t seem to mind the quality time, but those two tiny Chihuahuas really don’t like to be that far from their owner! What can they do? Of course, they will use the bigger Labrador to climb over the gate!

One of them cooks up the ingenious plan - he climbs on the Lab, leans over on the gate, then pokes his rear feet into the netting and a few steps later….he’s back down again. But that doesn’t throw him off track, no sir.

The determined doggie goes right back up, watched closely by his two brother and an amused owner, but this time he goes for the Lab’s head, because it is even higher than the rest of his body and that means less work needed to jump over the gate.

Finally, the Chihuahua is out of doggie prison! Took some real cojones!

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