Unsuspecting Biker Crosses Paths With Unexpected Bear

ViralHog Published February 15, 2016 1,379 Plays $4.49 earned

Rumble A mountain biker's dramatic wipeout in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand was captured on his body camera. He was driving his motorbike on a mountain road when suddenly a surprising obstacle appeared on the road. The talented biker tries not to lose control over his bike and professionally avoided crushing into the bear.

Footage was filmed on February 14, 2016 in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand and showcases the close encounter this unsuspecting biker had with a grizzly bear crossing the road! He was only seconds away from hitting the bear and crushing his bike!

Nothing spoils a good bike ride like a bear casually crossing the road. Video shows this biker casually racing down the road, with a GoPro action camera attached on his helmet to record his every move. Moments later, when makes a nice turn, he sees a bear emerging from the nearly woods, heading towards the road right in his way.

Fortunately, he kept his cool and didn’t get too surprised to fall off his bike. Instead, he continued driving down the road as if nothing had happened! He went around the corner and sprinted further away, not turning behind, but keeping his eyes on the bear in the review mirror.

The ignorant bear couldn’t have cared less about him, and the biker is very glad about feeling so insignificant because when there's a bear involved, being seen as insignificant is probably your best option!

Bears are known to have chased down cyclists and bikers as they ride along an isolated forest path. However, this lazy black bear made a slow trip out of some nearby woods to visit the road and maybe cross on the other side in search for forest fruit.