Boiling water freezes instantly in -27C (-17F) weather

vivafreiPublished: February 18, 201692,850 views
Published: February 18, 2016

Who says science isn't awesome? Sure, maybe you did not like it in school, but this video is sure to turn that opinion around! When it's -27 degrees Celsius in Canada there's only one thing to do... Trek down to the lake with boiling water to make instant ice mist in the beautiful wilderness! This spectacular video is one that should not be missed! The slow-mo visuals of the ice mist is absolutely breath taking, showing the beauty of nature at its finest! Who knew something so fun could come out of something so cold!

Isn't this video just amazing? It is almost on par with the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment as one of the coolest experiments! Also the fact that it is so easy to do and create just makes it all the more better! Anyone can do this experiment, as long as you live in a cold environment that is!

Experiments like this are awesome and make you want to attempt more! There are many other science experiments to do and they are easy and fun too! Some of the best science kits on Amazon have amazing and fun experiments that you can do with the family!

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