Glen 'Big Baby' Davis Hilariously Taste Tests Baby Food

TheFumblePublished: February 11, 2016Updated: May 9, 201824 views
Published: February 11, 2016Updated: May 9, 2018

Glen Davis is currently recovering from an ankle injury after having surgery in September. But just because Big Baby isn’t on the NBA court at the moment, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t found other ways to keep busy.

Davis earned his nickname at birth after popping out at a whopping 14 pounds. But the former NBA champion has gained a few pounds since then. So in an effort to return the big man back to his infant days, we had him try a plethora of baby food and documented the journey.

Most grown 30-year-old men would be hesitant to try food designed for newborns with no teeth. That being said, Glen was a great sport about it. Sometimes he enjoyed it, taking in all the wondrous flavors with all five senses like a distinguished individual at a wine tasting.

But most of the time, Davis thought it was revolting.

So next time you consider giving your child that tangy, mushy liquid called baby food, check to see if it’s Big Baby-approved first. If he doesn’t like it, your newborn most certainly won’t.

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