Watch Grandmas Hilariously Try to Explain Millennial Terms

ObsevOriginals Published January 14, 2016 344 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment Life“Why do they have to come up with a foreign language; why can’t they just say what it is?” is exactly what we all think when these terms become a normal part of the English language.
Everyone’s favorite Fireball Grannies are back and this time, instead off force-feeding them cinnamon flavored alcohol, we decided to test their knowledge of common terms millennials use on the reg.

We’ll be honest — when the phrase “on fleek” started popping up everywhere, we had no idea what it meant either, so we can’t really blame these grandmas for missing the mark on what it actually means.

Click play to watch the hilariously endearing answers — you might be surprised at which terms they actually get right!

"PZ016 Marche" by Mitsutoshi Kiyono - Creative Commons License