Very Talented Dog Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ With The Family

8 years ago

Birthdays are always a big deal, parents manage to find subtle ways to make sure they have a surprise up their sleeve that is more special than the last one. This family has their own musical tradition, thanks to their adorable dog chiming in with his own howling harmonies.

I'm sure you've heard the happy birthday song over a million times before, but I bet you've never heard it sung quite like this! The whole family has gathered in front of the webcam to sing and greet Happy Birthday to their daughter Audrey, so the family dog, Barley, decided to join in the singing and started howling as soon as the first note was sang!

One would think a dog needs to stop and catch a breath or just howl a few notes to get in the spirit, but not Barley! <a href="" target="_blank">This singing dog</a> finished the whole song and even greeted Audrey a “howling Happy Birthday" too!

The sweet pup howls along with his owners in what might not be perfect harmony, but is perfectly precious. I wonder if he does this every time he hears a song, or if this one is just his favorite? Whatever the case may be, I’m sure he put a big smile on the birthday girl’s face!

Talk about singing enthusiastically and with so much passion and desire, this dog certainly deserves a pat on the head with that <a href="" target="_blank">wonderful rendition of the Happy Birthday song</a>. The family sure did a great job singing too but you have to admit, this little bubba sure stole the show with his singing talent!

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