Rescuer Thinks She Saved One Dog, Unknowingly Saves Six

A rescuer thinks she's saving one dog - an abandoned, white German Shepherd with a severe case of mange when in fact she is saving six - her five pups that are yet to be born.

Gemma had a severe, but treatable case of Demodectic Mange that covered 70% of her body. Instead of taking her to the vet, her family dropped her off at the shelter. Gemma was clearly in pain. Not only was Gemma losing her fur, she was also covered in some oily residue. A volunteer at the shelter, Jolene, knew she had to do something.

Jolene, also an adoption counselor at St. Bonnie's Sanctuary (a part of Lange Foundation,) an animal rescue based in Canyon Country, California, took in Gemma and immediately started treatment for her condition. In the beginning, due to the extreme pains that she was in, Gemma had to be sedated in order to bathe and scrape her skin. Already having a relationship with Gemma, Jolene took on the nearly 24 hour care of meds and baths. Within weeks, she was clearly healing. Her fur was growing back and she was putting on weight.

A little too much weight and in just one area. Jolene found out soon enough that Gemma was pregnant with five puppies and had been pregnant even before she left the shelter.

Gemma gave birth to a litter of healthy puppies. The puppies were adopted while Gemma had to continue her treatment for mange. But soon enough, Gemma found her perfect home too.

Special thanks to Lange Foundation and St. Bonnie's Sanctuary.
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