Dog Demands That Owner Rubs His Tummy Long And Slow

7 years ago

Buddy is a rescued Staffordshire Bull Terrier who knows exactly what he wants out of life. Watch him repeatedly grab his owner's hand every time he stops scratching his tummy. Buddy is a lover not a fighter and he loves when his human is rubbing his tummy and why he should ever stop? The breaks between each scratch are just too long to bear, so Buddy has come up with a brilliant idea to nudge his human every time the breaks stretch longer than necessary.

Buddy enjoys being rubbed to the extent that he is an alert as a watchdog and pauses are just not part of his rubbing plan. If only his owner would pat him constantly without taking a breath. It would be so nice! Buddy has a zest for life and eat up new experiences with the zeal of a puppy. He loves to be with people and he doesn’t particularly care what the activity is: watching TV reading a book in the sun, waking, running, going for a ride in the car - he just wants to be with the people he loves. He is best suited for active an active human who will always be around him.

Who would have thought that such a big dog with an imposing look would really like to get a dose of a relaxing massage every day? He is happy to lounge all day only if his owner lets him. Many people can be afraid of confident dogs, but this Staffie is properly raised and because he is gentle and loving, he gets what he wants most of the time.

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