GoPro footage takes you on Canada's fastest roller coaster

Published February 12, 2016 4,162,981 Views $13.72 earned

Rumble / Entertainment LifeWhy ride the Leviathan when you can watch someone else go through the crazy experience? Using GoPro footage we get a front and centre view! Watch as people experience The Leviathan, the tallest and fast roller coaster in Canada! It is located in the Medieval Faire section of the park at Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario. Right off the bat, there is a huge 93 meter drop! This intense rollercoaster reaches speeds of 148km/h, faster than driving on the highway!

If you're not a big fan of rollercoasters but are still curious to see what it looks like to have a front and centre view, this is perfect! You can watch all the twists and turns without ever feeling sick to your stomach! It takes some guts to get on the biggest roller coaster in Canada, this is impressive! Good thing the GoPro didn't fall, if it did, we wouldn't have this awesome view!

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