Engineer Rescues Three Seagulls Stuck In A Pipe

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Rumble If you are in for a little bit of positivity that would restore your faith in humanity, you have come to the right place. This video will lighten your day, so, stop whatever you are doing, grab your perfect cup of tea and relax to this video of men giving back to nature.

On February 4, 2016, an Alaskan resident of the city of Juneau found three seagulls stuck in a pipe on construction site and decided to save them. But it turned out this project would not be as easy as it was conceived to be. The destiny of three seagulls which fell into a steel pipe was pretty undetermined. Were it not for the maker of this video and his concerned engineer colleagues who came about to find the poor entrapped birds, they most likely would have been left for dead. The seagulls would certainly have died if their screeching would not attract our engineers, as the steel pipe had them trapped without leaving a chance to escape. Luckily, the rescuers were engineers and we all know how good engineers are with plans, so, an escape plan was made during the lunch break, to save the seagulls from the deep steel pipe. It is a great relief they have been given a second chance at life.

After the screeching alerted the men were alerted that 3 seagulls had fallen inside a steel pile that is part of a construction project, they came up with a rescue plan and began filling the pile with water, but it wasn't clear if the water would completely fill the pile, allowing the seagulls to float to the top. So, they immediately came up with a plan B and made the bucket that ended up working. All 3 were released, unharmed. The piles were covered with salmon fishing nets to prevent more birds from falling in until they are permanently covered with a conical cap. Way to go engineers!

Everyone has seen a seagull in their lives, with the exception perhaps, of people living deep inland (because gulls and seagulls are typically inhabiting territories with open access to water, not necessarily seas); and, they have witnessed their daredevil lifestyle. They are so inquisitive and restless that it is no wonder that these three rascals go stuck in the pipe. If you are one of the rare few ones that do not understand what we are talking about, take a look at this video of how a seagull steals calamari from unaware customer. A cheeky little devil, isn’t it? They are sure to stir different emotions in people - some imagine them as sea pirates of distant and exotic islands, some associates them with the best moments in life, with summer vacations and the sea, and many others are irritated with the fact that these impudent beggars came back again. One way or another, this bird does not remain unnoticed.

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