Obedient Dog Fetches Himself A Peanut Butter Snack From Kitchen Cabinet

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Published: February 10, 2016

This is the heartwarming moment when one obedient dog was caught on camera fetching his own snack from a kitchen cabinet.

We all know how pups will do anything to please their humans, from learning new tricks and performing them with highest honors, to making faces and doing silly things around the house. There are several dog breeds that take the prize for being the fastest learners, which makes them the perfect pet for lazy folks.

Footage shows owner sitting on a chair in a living room fetching dog’s favorite toy around the room. Moments later, owner tells her obedient dog to go get his peanut butter jar and she doesn’t have to tell him twice. The smart pooch rushes into the kitchen and opens one cabinet and pulls out his favorite jar. He brings it back to owner.

Next, owner tells the clever canine to fetch her the knife, to which the dog walks back into the kitchen cabinet and pulls out the special doggy knife. Owner uses this knife to get some peanut butter from the jar and put some inside dog’s favorite toy and asks the dog to sit politely in order to get the treat.

After completing the order and receiving the reward for being a good boy, the obedient pooch retreats and sits on the carpet to enjoy his treat in silence. What a special bond these two have!

This clever dog has perfected the art of fetch. When it is time for his midday snack, all his owner has to do is point him in the right direction and the impressive dog does all the rest of the work. And of course once he's done the hard work of bringing his snack together, he is rewarded with his hard earned snack. Impressive skills and memory!

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