Chicken Loves This Horse So Much She Climbs On Its Head

8 years ago

You have heard of stories where they have become friends with goats, cats, dogs, and even cows, though sometimes the horses are the ones that have to put up with their friends. And how can you not become a friend with a horse, with their sensitive eyes and loving demeanor?

Nancy from Elk City, Oklahoma was having one of those days we all have where things just seem to not be falling into place. When she headed down to the barn to feed the horses, she walked in on something that no one would have believed if she had not caught it on video. As Nancy entered the barn, she came across something that would make anyone’s bad day turn around. Her chicken, Chickaleta, had perched upon Rocky the horse’s head.

Rocky and Chickaleta seem to be great friends, but this had taken their friendship to a whole new level. Rocky is seen standing in his stall all calm, while this chicken is crawling all over him. She perched up on horse's body, can you believe that?

As Nancy takes out her phone and starts recording, Rocky starts to shake his head a bit to try to unseat Chickaleta, but she continues to enjoy her perch, Rocky stands calmly till she decides to walk her way down his back hopping on the railing of the stall and walking over closer to his head. Cuddling in next to Rocky’s face, she gets comfy again and Rocky gives her a gentle nudge as good friends would.

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Here is another strange poultry clip. This willful chicken ruins freshly paved concrete. While the workers did their sweaty job, the wayward chicken in this video, appeared out of nowhere and wilfully take things into her own hands, making a mess out of the workers' efforts. She rudely walked across the wet cement leaving a trail of distinctive footprints in her wake. The clever workers decided to find a way to keep the bird occupied while they fixed the mess she made.

They thought their travails with the chicken were over, but no. The chicken returned. It looks like this hen knew exactly what she was doing when she decided to pay these workers a visit. We could argue all day and night the chick’s brain is so small that they are incapable of devising mischievous schemes, but as you can see, the video flashes down the drain everything we know about chickens and their shrewdness.

There’s no way this little nugget didn’t know what she was doing when she trampled through this wet cement. She lingered with the workers, ruining their job like a bad smell. We think this cheeky chick was lucky she wasn’t turned into a chicken nugget.

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