Grandparents Have Heartwarming Pregnancy Announcement Reaction

Published February 10, 2016 129,174 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsHaving a new baby on the way is always exciting. But the best part of the whole experience has got to be seeing the grandparent's reactions when they announce the pregnancy! This soon to be mom of two captured the best reaction from her parents when she announced her two new buns in the oven!

Usually, when you tell your parents that they will soon get to be grandparents, they react a certain way. Grandmothers are usually the louder ones of the couple, capable of reaching insane notes while screaming their lungs out with excitement. Grandfathers are the calmer ones; they remain silent and smile, ear to ear, while their insides roll around with joy.

These two grandparents-to-be just got the memo that they will be meeting their twin grandchildren in about six months. Grandpa is already feeding another one of his grandchildren, so grandma had the honor of opening the package. When she laid her eyes on that ultrasound photo, all she could do was let her jaw drop! And twins too? That had to be her luckiest day!

For half a minute, all grandma is doing is walking slowly towards her daughter with her mouth wide open. This is the first we have ever seen, a grandmother that won’t scream or jump or yell at the news? Is she broken?

Nope, grandma is just in shock, because as soon as she reached the expecting parents, tears of joy start running down her face!