David Jeremiah Ave Maria From The Container

Published January 16, 2016 4,407 Plays $13.55 earned

Rumble Out on my new property in Massachusetts I just got a new shipping container for storage… But while it was empty I figured I'd take advantage of the echo…
Info From Licensor: "I've been singing Schubert's Ave Maria since I was a Junior in High School. I was supposed to read Moby Dick as part of an English class assignment. Well, I'm not much of a reader and had no interest in Moby Dick. I knew that my English teacher was a lover of Classical music and also a big fan of Luciano Pavarotti. So I bought a cassette copy of Pavarotti's Ave Maria and learned it note for note and syllable for syllable. I sang it for my English teacher in front of the class. Long story short, I got an "A" on Moby Dick and still to this day have never read a single page of it."
Location: Massachusetts
Occurrence Date: January 7, 2016