14-Month-Old Destined To Be Snowboarding Prodigy

JohnnyActionPublished: February 9, 2016Updated: February 10, 2016101,723 views
Published: February 9, 2016Updated: February 10, 2016

One thing that we love about the winter season is that it provides simple opportunity to get hurt. If someone's into skiing or snowboarding, there are all kinds of things that could go wrong. However, even though this is expected, this video will totally change your perspective.

You wake up one day and there is a plenty of snow in your town. All of your neighborhood is covered with big white snow coat, the streets are covered in white, you can barely notice the trees as they don’t differentiate from the rest of the nature. Your favorite winter sport is snowboarding, but unfortunately there are now high hills around your town. That’s when imagination comes to the surface.

We admire his talent and the urge to start so young. His parents look like they are seasoned skiers, so taking their son to the powdery slopes probably came as natural as walking to them. The kid jumps, swerves and stops like a pro! And that speed that he is going with? Just wow!

The fact that this kid is only 14 moths and ready to snowboard is just incredible. As his parents have mentioned, he can barely walk, let alone snowboard. But you just wait, this kid can actually do it. Little Johnny just started walking but has already developed a love for snowboarding. Check out how natural and confident he looks as he tackles the slopes at the Park City Mountain Resort in Utah.


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