You Can Break A Master Lock Open With A Hammer

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Published: February 8, 2016

When you purchase a lock, you have but one thought in mind - to keep you and your valuable safe, right? They are supposed to be designed to be almost unbreakable, difficult to cut open and to keep you safe from sticky fingers.

There are hundreds of designs for padlocks out on the market and they all have their claims for the level of safety they provide. Usually, the more complex the lock, the greater the safety.

The company Master Lock showed the world how safe their lock are when they ran a Super Bowl ad showing one of their padlock being shot by a sharpshooter and surviving, thus proving their durability. But that was in 1974! Have they done anything since then? Let’s have a look.

According to this video, breaking a Master Lock open is easy. Way too easy, in fact, and you only need a hammer. The same steel hammer that you use to nail stuff around the house can be used to pound out the locking mechanism from a Master lock. The guy shows that by hammering the body of the lock and pulling the shackle out, it will eventually pop open, defeating the purpose of the padlock!

This isn’t the only video online showing that this can be done. Apparently, you don’t even need a hammer, a screwdriver with a hard handle can do the trick as well.

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