Cat Adores Baby’s Swing More Than Actual Baby

magduha Published February 5, 2016 23,616 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensIf you are asking yourself whether a cat is the right pet for you, the answer is, it depends. Getting familiar with the temperament of cats is a great idea before you take up one. Domestic cats are tremendously clever creatures and greatly independent. Cats do things on their own accord and there is nothing that can make them change their minds. Food and play is their favorite prayer and they will clearly give you hints when they want to be left alone. So, expecting a cat to do things for you is a pipe dream.

Some cats are fussy, some are lazy. Some are ignorant and some can get under your skin very easily. This gorgeous white cat called Blanquita is a strong-willed, highly opinionated cat when it comes to rocking in a baby’s swing. She definitely wants to be noticed, lying nonchalantly in the cosy swing, and still giving the impression of being so concentrated on herself and her playthings. For this lovely cat, having a baby around does not go hand in hand with her idea of being noticed.

Is it jealousy or is it simply the way she wants to show that at that moment she should be the center of the Universe? Anyway, we can see Blanquita couched on one side, licking her legs and her body after she is done with jiggling the shaker. Short breaks are a must between each attempt to vigorously swaying the hanging toys.

The final swing comes when she wants to ‘kill two birds with a stone’ before she hears the baby’s cry. No wonder there will be struggle when it is time to renouncing her ‘throne’.


  • ZangPong, 3 years ago

    This is cute. Looks like a baby.

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