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Baby Elephant Gets Scared From A Baby Goat

Elephants are one of the largest animals on Earth. They are gentle, calm, peaceful and slow giants that can weigh from 6,000 to 20,000 pounds. How can they be afraid of something, when logically they can stomp over it with their big feet? As it seems they definitely have some fears.

You can say that elephants are afraid of mice like we have been taught by cartoons all our lives, but as it turns out, this baby elephant got terrified and ran for his life after seeing a baby goat! Meeting somebody for the first time can be scary, especially if you are just a child.

Clearly, this is the calf's first encounter with a goat and it is only logical for it to be confused and therefore scared. The small elephant comes close to the visitors, thinking there is something interesting to see. The curious little one turns a corner around the fence post and spots a small goat staring back at him. His jaw drops and he lets out a scary shriek of horror. The little black goat must have seemed very spooky, with its horns and tiny tail...

Both of them, the baby elephant and the baby goat, immediately retreat. The goat took few steps back, while the funny elephant is running to his mom seeking protection. That is his natural instinct, especially when mom weighs thousands of pounds!

But the question still remains "Why were these two afraid of each other?" It is hard to say. Whatever the reason was, hopefully, these two eventually got used to each other and maybe even became friends.

Meeting another person can be alarming - particularly in case you're only a kid. In an unordinary experience, a child elephant and a youthful goat responded to seeing each other out of the blue. Also, as should be obvious from the recording, both were very amazed by the other.

In the video, the elephant turns a corner around a fence post and spots a little goat gazing back at him. The elephant's jaw drops and he lets out what sounds like an automatic yell of awfulness. The two gatherings quickly withdraw the elephant to the protected grasp of his mom and the goat only a couple of steps away.

Why were the two cute animals of each other? It's difficult to state. Other than asserting the video originates from Nepal, the portrayal does exclude any extra setting.

Maybe they were outsiders and had never observed each other's species. Maybe they weren't hoping to see each other and were essentially startled by each other's essence. Maybe they were in a session of find the stowaway.

Whatever the circumstance, we can dare to dream that they'll, in the end, become acclimated to each other - and possibly progress toward becoming companions.

Would you be able to envision them fearing anything? They'd simply step, and they could practically squish anything with their weight. We all have fears in life. Is there one thing that you’ll always run from?

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