Dog Awaits Elderly Owner During Walk

Published February 4, 2016 728,778 Views

We all want this to be a fact – dogs are man's best friend! They provide us with entertainment, and they keep us active, they help us cool off when we get heated up, and they stay our loyal companions for the rest of our lives. Everyone who has ever owned a dog at some point will tell you that that was the best time of their life!

You can always count on your dog to be there for you! Watch as this patient canine slowly assists his elderly owner during a gentle walk through the neighborhood. The mature Cavalier King Charles Spaniel walks slowly past his elderly human companion and stops after every few steps, to make sure the man is still following him.

The video was taken by a neighbor who happens to notice that the dog seems to understand that his owner can only walk slow. The man appears to be doing great, pushing his rollator walker down the street in the beautiful weather. The pooch is right there beside him, no lead, nothing!

He makes a few steps, then stops and turns to check out on his aged companion. If this doesn't qualify as heartwarming, we don't know what does! A dog is a pleasant companion for a senior citizen. They can provide great entertainment and friendship for seniors, and they can give a love of care and respect for them.

Is great because sometimes they can feel lonely and by having a dog they can have a best friend that will keep him company and also keep them safe, when they are at home, or having walks.

However, when you are choosing a dog for an older person always make sure to match the dog's personality with the person's character and most important mobility. A senior citizen that is active and mobile can probably handle a dog that needs daily exercises and walks in the park and is also big. But, if the senior citizen does not have a lot of energy and cannot walk very far, you will need to find a dog that will not overcome them physically and can get its activity inside the house.

Dogs will always be man's best friends because they know how to love, care and make happy their owners and that's why they always fill our hearts with love and happiness. Dogs are the best, and videos like this make us love them even more!

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