These Horses Play In The Snow Just Like A Bunch Of Kids

rumblestaffPublished: February 2, 2016256,060 views
Published: February 2, 2016

Snow is like chocolate, in the sense that you can’t trust those people who say they hate it! How can you hate snow? Everything looks squeaky clean, everything is super quiet and the sound is makes when you step into a fresh pile...bliss!

Kids and adults alike enjoy the sparkly sheet that falls on the ground, but now it would seem that even horses enjoy it too! When these horses were introduced to some very deep <a href="" target="_blank">snow</a>, they all have the same reaction as most of us do... Playtime! Look at how happy they are! It seems like none of them have never seen a snowfall like this, and their owners give them the freedom to enjoy it as much as possible. They act just like little kids out there and frolic in the white powder, just like we do!

Their owners obviously care about them very much and are making sure they are leading healthy and happy lives. When they let them run freely in the <a href="" target="_blank">snow</a>, it seemed like the party has begun, and they just could not hide their excitement.

Don’t they just remind you of the happiness you can see on a child’s face when playing outside in the snow? Yes, these horses had no sleds or anything else, but that did not stop them to make an adventure. We’re sure the owners enjoyed watching them too, and we are so thankful they decided to share this video with the rest of us.

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