2-Year-Old Skiing Prodigy Shows Off Amazing Skills

Published February 1, 2016 1,879 Plays

Rumble / Extreme SportsKasper Treadway has no problem conquering the slopes at Kicking Horse Resort outside of Golden, British Columbia, Canada. At only 2 years of age it looks like Kasper has an extremely bright future ahead of him. Check out his amazing talents!

Sure, he might be taking the “easiest way down", but come on! The kid is only two! People might call that age “the terrible twos", but Kasper is anything but! Watching him slide down those slopes like he’s been born with those training skis on makes us slightly uncomfortable - not for his safety, but for our lack of skiing skills!

We admire his talent and the urge to start so young. His parents look like they are seasoned skiers, so taking their son to the powdery slopes probably came as natural as walking to them. The kid jumps, swerves and stops like a pro! And that speed that he is going with? Just wow!

Even though he is only 2 years old, Kasper Treadway is going to be extremely impressive on a pair of skis. Check out his amazing skills at performs jumps and masters rail slides while at Big White in British Columbia, Canada. How is he so good?!