War Hero Who's Never Been To The Zoo Meets Lions For First Time

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Rumble / Everyday HeroesJim Albert is a 92-year-old veteran from Canada who was wounded in battle three times serving with the British Army in World War II. He started the Saint John Ambulance Therapy Dog Movement fifty years ago to help people cope through their lives with the help of loving animals. You could say he is a true animal lover himself.

With that being said, is a true surprise to learn that Jim has never been to a ZOO in his entire life. That is why the staff at Bowmanville ZOO in Ontario managed to get him hands-on experience with a couple of lion cubs. The resulting encounter is truly an emotional sight.

When the young predator approaches the decorated war hero, with his handler in tow, it looks like the big cat isn’t all too interested with the senior gentleman. But after a few minutes of a casual sit-down, the lion lifts on his back legs and throws himself in Jim’s hands for a hug. We can feel the tears streaming down our faces already, but that isn’t the whole encounter!

When the ZOO staff brings Jim a couple of cubs, just a few weeks old, the veteran’s face says it all. This is the best day of the nonagenarian’s life. His reaction is one of pure joy, and he can't contain his tears of happiness. This man is a real inspiration! And it was about time he got some animal therapy of his own.

It is impressive what he did for the country and also for the people. His foundation ‘Saint John Ambulance Therapy Dog Movement’ has helped a lot of people. Improving lives daily, the St. John Ambulance therapy dog program brings joy and comfort to the sick, lonely and those who need a friendly visit.

The program is growing, boasting 3,354 therapy dog program volunteers and dog teams in 2015 which assisted more than 120,000 clients throughout the year. Therapy dog teams gave more than 230,000 hours of their time visiting hospitals, retirement residences, care facilities, schools, and universities.

Jim has brought so much joy to people with his program, and we are glad that the staff at Bowmanville ZOO managed to give Jim this fantastic surprise. Just look at the joy on his face, it makes you cry tears of joy!

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