Cute Sloth Adorably Asks For A Cuddle

7 years ago

When we think of sloths, more often than not, we think of extremely lazy tree huggers that are insanely cute. And we wouldn’t be too far off-track, except that they aren’t as lazy as we think they might be, they just make very slow movements. This doesn’t mean that they are slow in anyway. These extremely huggable creatures are fast to return your attention if they are willing.

In this video, we can see people from the Leatherback Trust, a non-profit organization who helps in the conservation and protection of sea turtles, visiting a Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. The group was expecting just a normal visit to see these exotic animals, but actually managed to film such a precious moment!

One of the girls in the group went to make friends with an adult sloth by offering her some flowers. But the sloth had other plans in mind because it decided to return the favor by getting closer and offering the girl a hug. The girl was so incredibly happy, she didn’t know how to react! The animal slowly but surely approached her and opened up its long arms in invitation. The girl carefully positioned herself and the sloth enveloped its hind legs around her, giving her the best hug of her life. It might have started as any other ordinary day, but this girl just had the best day of her life happen to her! So adorable!

Credit to 'The Leatherback Trust'.

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