Huge Fish Steals Bait With Unbelievable Speed

Published January 28, 2016 901,976 Plays

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsWe knew that there were really big fish in the ocean, but who would have thought that there would be some inside ponds too? In this fascinating clip, watch as a fisherman drags some smaller bait fish on the surface of the water, only to be eaten by a massive bass from below the water! The bass comes out of nowhere and disappears all the same. Be careful not to blink as the whole ordeal lasts a split second!

Did you see how fast that bass came out of the water? It seems that the bass was following the bait for quite some time as it was waiting for the right moment to strike! Who would have ever thought that the monstrous fish was lurking in the pond? What we do know is that this sure does make for one awesome clip!

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