Someone Had The Pleasure To See Wild Horses In North Carolina

8 years ago

After showing some property for sale in Carova Beach, North Carolina, 'jpperon' came back to find a magnificent sight on the lot. Watch a herd of wild horses casually graze about and enjoy the cool water in the canal. It's just such a peaceful sight!

Carova beach is in the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, located on the northern end of <a href="" target="_blank">North Carolina's Outer Banks</a>. The Outer banks are teaming with these wild animals.

One of the most common of breds is the Banker <a href="" target="_blank">horse</a>, which is what we assume these horses are. They are small, hardy and with an incredibly docile temperament. The Banker horses are descended from the domesticated Spanish horses who have probably been brought to the North American continent in the 16th century. Assumptions are they have become feral after surviving shipwrecks or being abandoned on the islands by one of the exploratory expeditions led by Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón or Sir Richard Grenville.

To prevent overpopulation and inbreeding, and to protect their habitat from being overgrazed, the horses are managed by the National Park Service, the state of North Carolina, and several private organizations. To prevent overpopulation, Bankers have been adopted and are often used for pleasure riding and driving. Since their disposition is so calm, they are used as children's mounts. The breed has also been used in several mounted patrols.

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