Car loses tire on the highway

Published January 14, 2016 560,483 Views $1,991.50 earned

Rumble / Dash Cam FootageAren't dash cams the best? Originally intended to insure you in case of accidents or when an unlucky person tries blame you for hitting them, instead the other way around, dash cams are hot wired to the ignition in your car, so it works while the engine is running and basically captures everything that happens outside the car.
Since dash cams became widely available, we've seen an abundance of ridiculous and absurd situations while in traffic. People throwing themselves at the cars, vehicles catching fire mid-ride and so on - basically you never know what to expect. But the Russians seem to have the best footage in the world!
Here we have a couple riding along a Russian freeway; snow is falling, as you would expect in Russia and they pass a Lada, which is one of the oldest Soviet car models. Everything is fine and the car seems to be in a decent shape when a rear tire bursts and the wheel falls off the axel and into the couple's car! Sparks are flying and the Lada is spinning out of control! It is quite the sight to behold :)
Seems like the passengers are fine, but a front bumper might need replacing! Share the video so that your friends might get their dash cam fix of the day!

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