7 years ago

Milo the Chihuahua meets his baby sister

How precious is this? Milo the Chihuahua is a little more excited today than usual. It is definitely a special occasion, it's the very first time this 2-day-old baby girl is arriving at her new home! Milo seems to be the most excited out of everyone, hilarious! He jumps around frantically, barking constantly, calm down Milo! He has so much energy as he spins on the couch, how can he calm down when his baby sister is coming through the front door? When Milo sees his baby sister for the first time, how does he react, is he gentle?

Milo tries to be as gentle as possible but he is just so excited, he comes close to the baby carrier and immediately starts to lick the adorable little baby's face, so precious! This is Milo's way of showing her how much he loves her, so cute! It looks like he is even trying to give his toy away to her, so funny! These two are going to be the best of friends soon, what a lovely family. Milo and his baby sister are going to go on so many adventures together, awesome! What a priceless moment caught on camera. This first encounter is so heart warming!

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