Witty Owner Uses His Cat As A Light Switch

Published January 19, 2016 358,647 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensPets are amazing companions, especially when you feel bored at home. But imagine how fun it mus be owning a pet who performs tricks? Well that kind of animals are something we just can’t live without.

Take this cute white cat for example, her owner recorded a trick she can do with her nose. Mizzy, the cat was chillin’ on a touch lamp, not thinking about moving anywhere else. Touch-lamps are activated by a human touch and body temperature rather than a push button. When the owner touches Mizzy’s nose, they both are toggling the lamp and it goes on and off. While this is simply amazing for all of us to see, it appears that Mizzy isn't too thrilled about it.

If you ever wanted a feline friend that will turn your lights off before going to bed or whenever you want to, then you should train your cat to do the same as this one. This cat that can activate a light lamp with its nose has became an Internet hit. She sits perfectly still with her body and tail over the lamp, and when owner touches her nose, the lights turn on - just like magic!

Mizzy is like an electric transmitter. The best part is that the cat has no idea what’s going on and she is probably wondering why there is a sudden interest in her nose! She tolerates it for a while and then decides that she’s had enough and leaves the place.

Watch this funny video of a human demonstrating the power of the nose boop as it’s best!

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