Difficult Horse Duct Tape Trick

ViralHog Published January 8, 2016 5,808 Plays $10.22 earned

Rumble / Magic TricksOccurrence Date: April 2nd, 2015
Description Info: This rancher tries out a simple trick he heard from a friend involving placing duct tape on the horses nose to distract it while shoeing.


  • lanza130, 2 years ago

    Horses are NOT multi-taskers. ANY distraction, no mater how minute, will make them think about ONLY the distraction. Thing to keep in mind: a horses skin is SO ultra sensitive, they can feel when a tiny fly lands on them. They immediately shake that area to flick it off. THAT is why this works so well! Note: the CLOSER you stand to the horse, the SAFER you are. When he was trying to pick up her foot, he was keeping his legs as far away as he could. THIS puts you in the "strike zone". They can get much more of a kick on you. If you are close, all they can do if they kick is push you!

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