Watch As This Excited Westie Shows Off Incredible Diving Skills

8 years ago

Just as people love swimming, dogs and other pets love it too! Swimming is a great exercise for your dog and pups love splashing and fooling around with water. It is a pure pleasure for them! Take a look at this cute white Westie and the enthusiasm she shows for the pool!

This adorable West Highland Terrier named Christy is more excited about the water pool than you are! Christy and her owners have moved to sunny Florida and when she discovered that they have a pool in the backyard, she totally freaked out! Obviously, this Westie is a big fan of water and swimming pools.

This dog breed is known for their entertaining personality, playfulness and grace. Even though the ocean is pretty close, Christy wants to swim in her pool and she definitely owns it. At the beginning of the video, no one knows what is Christy so impatient for. Perhaps she is about to get some treat? Or maybe a new toy? But when she’s finally let go of, you can clearly see what was all that fuss about. Christy can't wait to show off her diving skills. She doesn't waste any time once she has the opportunity to jump in the pool!

The first leap she takes in the water is pretty amazing! What's your best part of this video? Ours is when Christy steps out of the pool and jumps back into the water with style! So awesome! Is your dog good at diving and loves water just like this pooch? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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