Strange Hippo Behavior Part 1

Published January 8, 2016 1,856 Plays $3.95 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeAre hippos cannibals? Les Penfield, a nature photographer, captured a rare moment as a bull hippo bites at the corpse of a dead hippo that died in what was potentially his territory. The general view is that hippos are not cannibals, but this was an act of territorial dominance.
Info From Licensor: "We were on an early morning game drive when we came across the dead hippo on the sand bank of the Crocodile River. It had presumably died earlier in the day of natural causes (based on the "snow-angel" like movements clearly seen in the sand around its legs and head). At the time there was a single white-backed vulture on the scene.
We observed this second hippo coming out of the water to investigate the scene. After a while it started to act very strangely for a hippo in that it appeared to be trying to eat the dead hippo as can be seen form the video footage.
The consensus view is that this is either territorial dominance behaviour or the hapless hippo died in another bull's territory, but the general view is that this does not look to be cannibalistic.
Video taken using a Nikon D810 in crop mode at an effective 900mm."
Location: Crocodile River on the Southern boundary of the Kruger National Park, South Africa
Occurrence Date:December 18, 2015